Friday, July 25, 2008

Mayor Ballard and International Connections

The Indianapolis Star reported this morning (in that "Just One Minute" box on the front of the Metro Section) that Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard had named Ricardo Gambetta to head the city's Latino Advisory Council.

Except that Gambetta, who headed up Latino Affairs for former Mayor Bart Peterson, moved to Washington, D.C., several months ago.

So...we don't know who heads up Indy's Latino Advisory Council yet. There's no active link on the mayor's Office of International & Cultural Affairs page for the Latino Affairs heading.

And, there aren't any details available either for the Chinese Festival scheduled for 13 September. The city's website says "information coming soon".

Here's Gambetta's email to NCI:
Washington DC, July 25, 2008
Dear Friends:
I have just learned about today’s newspaper story in which is it reported that I will be leading Mayor Ballard’s new Latino Advisory group.
I just want to clarify that the story of my return to Indianapolis is untrue. I have been and will continue to work for the National League of Cities leading a new Immigrant Integration project in cities and towns across the country.
It is work that I greatly enjoy.
While I miss my friends in Indianapolis, I am not returning at this time and I have no idea who is going to head the Mayor Ballard’s new Latino Advisory group or going to serve as members. Whoever it is, I wish them the best in working for and supporting the community that all of us love and respect.
And if you are ever in Washington, DC, look me up !
Ricardo Gambetta
Immigrant Integration,Inclusive Communities Programs.
Center for Municipal Programs and Resources
National League of Cities.
1301 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W
Washington, DC 20004
Ph: (202)626-3153

UPDATE (Monday, 28 July):
The Mayor's office has deep-sixed the original link. Here's all we know about the Chinese Festival. (Hint: not much.)

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John Clark said...

The paper edition of the Star had a picture next to the misinfo about the Latino Advisory Board ... don't know who it is, but it isn't Ricardo Gambetta.

More info about the CHinese festival here: