Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jiangsu Silk & Bamboo Performs at Clowes

The Jiangsu Silk & Bamboo performing group from China will present folk music, singing and dancing, Peking Opera, magic, acrobat, and puppet show in the evening of 12 September at Clowes Hall of Butler University in Indianapolis.

The performance is sponsored by the Confucius Institute of Indianapolis. For more information, contact Nicholas S. Brasovan, 317:278-7900.

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John Clark said...

"Silk & Bamboo" refers to a kind of delicate and refined chamber music from Jiangzu. Listen to a sample here:

This makes the Confucius Institute's description of the evening sound funny. Imagine an evening of American entertainment that was billed as "string quartet ... featuring a Wild West Rodeo, a basketball game, square dancing, and a Rose Bowl Parade float."

Should be a fun night, whatever happens.