Monday, November 17, 2008

Justice in Ethiopia and Air Pollution in China

Two Valparaiso University faculty members have been named University Research Professors and will receive support for projects on traditions of restorative justice in Ethiopia and assessing the impact of Chinese air pollution.

Selected by the University's Committee on Creative Work and Research were Dr. Charles Schaefer, associate professor of history, and Dr. Gary Morris, associate professor of physics and astronomy. Each receives a $4,000 grant to support his scholarly work along with one semester of full-time leave or two semesters of half-time leave to focus on his research projects.

Dr. Schaefer will research various methods of restorative justice employed by Ethiopia’s emperor and imperial court to resolve conflict and bring about peace and reconciliation.

Dr. Morris will use his grant and leave to review measurements of air pollution being carried by wind currents from China to Japan.

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