Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Legal Aid Center in Kenya

A legal aid organization has been established in Kenya thanks to the efforts of Judge Patricia Riley, Indiana Court of Appeals, and Fran Quigley, director of operations for the Indiana University partnership between the IU School of Medicine and Moi University in Eldoret, Kenya.

The Legal Aid Center of Eldoret (LACE) officially started in September 2008 with a small staff and initial funding from the Reuben Family Foundation and the Indianapolis Rotary Club. LACE is currently located in the hospital where the AMPATH program has IU physicians and medical students helping Kenyans living with HIV/AIDS.

Riley and Quigley, both of whom are alumni of the IU School of Law in Indianapolis, started LACE because many of the medical patients are in need of legal as well as medical help.

The law school plans to collaborate with LACE by offering a Kenyan lawyer or lawyers a full scholarship to attend the LL.M. program in Indianapolis on condition that they agree to work at least two years as a staff attorney at LACE, as well as to coordinate legal work assistance for LACE from volunteer LL.M. graduates and students while enrolled as an LL.M. student.


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