Monday, July 20, 2009

Pierogi Fest This Weekend

Mr. Pierogi (pictured) hosts the annual Pierogi Fest in Whiting 24-26 July. This year there will be more than 40 vendors serving pierogis, pierogis and more pierogis (the little dumplings can be filled with anything from meat to sauerkraut to plum jam), plus other "delicious delights". (If you come with a cooler and buy 'em frozen, you can take your selection home to enjoy later.)

The first Pierogi Fest came about, according to legend, when a group of friends met for breakfast eleven years ago at Dimitri's Cake and Steak in that northern Indiana town. They decided to honor their grandparents with a festival...but what they needed was a symbol. "Thankfully, the group settled upon the innocent and darling little Eastern European dumpling, the pierogi or pirohi, depending on which church you go to here.... [Let] Pierogi Fest bring you back 'home' to a time when grandmas still wore babushkas, rolled their r's, and took the time to let your little hands help make the homemade dough."


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