Saturday, December 30, 2006

Indy Artist Designs 2007 Calendar

The 2007 Interfaith Calendar features the artwork of Indianapolis artist K.P. Singh.

According to an editorial page column by Andrea Neal in The Indianapolis Star, "Accompanying each month of the calendar is a description of a religion; a piece of art by Singh connected to that faith and excerpts from Sikh scripture or other inspirational text. The holidays of the major religions are listed.

The oversize calendars are available by mail for $20 (including tax and mailing). For more information, visit the Punjabi-American artist's website.

The calendar is sponsored by Bicky Singh,CEO Future Computing Solutions, Inc., and Sikh Center of Orange County California.

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Kanwal Prakash said...

The 2007 Interfaith Calendar is another recognition of our changing cultural and spiritual landscape, urgency to know and learn about and from each other, and make our human universe a more welcome place for all God's children who have crossed frontiers and gathered in places that we could not have imagined a few decades ago. Literally, the distant and unfamiliar world is at our doorsteps and is carrying with it incredible promise and new dreams that have the power to transform our future much like the pioneers of generations past. Ms. Andrea Neal brilliantly captured the spirit of the Calendar in her
thoughtful article in The Indianapolis Star on Christmas Day.

The 2007 Interfaith Calendar is for audiences such as the Nationalities Council, International Center, Asian American Alliance, educators
and educational institutions, business leadership, our civic and spiritual leaders. It is for interfaith, multi-cultural, and diversity related organizations and sponsors. Media too, has a special responsibility and power to bring us into a place of understanding: where we see light and friendship in each other, create a momentum where our untapped talents, ideas, and investments serve the interests of all Americans and our extended family across the globe.

The spirit and message of the Calender is directed to people and especially the young who are citizens of this emerging new world. It is a tribute to all faiths and cultures and a reminder to us all to recognize the sanctity of what is the most precious part of our humanity. Ultimately, it is people and ideas that usher change, not Calendars. We also know that visual reminders in myriad forms and formats in the right hands have the power to teach us some important truths and call us to united action and service to make a difference to life, our shared humanity, and our own cherished "sanctuaries."

I hope and pray that the Interfaith Calendar will be a positive inspiration for many who see its universal message in the right spirit as a welcome invitation to know others who share our journey and collective cultural and spiritual heritage.

Kanwal Prakash "KP" Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana USA