Wednesday, December 20, 2006

NCI makes the Cincinnati!

The article in today's Cincinnati Enquirer is upbeat: "Indy has what Cincy wants: Vibrant downtown has stores, arts, residents - and cooperation".

There, in the last few paragraphs, the reporter, Jon Newberry, talks to the newly elected treasurer of the Nationalities Council of Indiana, Talha Uzun, under the subheading of 'I LIKE IT NOW'

"At the Rathskellar Restaurant in the historic Athenaeum building, Talha Uzun had come downtown for a meeting of the Nationalities Council of Indiana Inc., a group that celebrates the area's ethnic diversity. The Athenaeum is a 19th century theater, now home to the American Cabaret Theatre, in the Massachusetts Avenue (known locally as "Mass Ave") arts and theater district.

"Uzun, 29, works and lives in the northern suburbs but comes downtown often on business and to shop. He likens downtown Indianapolis, with its wide avenues, museums and monuments, to Washington, D.C., which is where he relocated from about two years ago.
"'When I first came here I was seriously bored,' said Uzun. 'I like it now.'"

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