Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lilly Foundation Gives to China, Burma Relief Efforts

Lilly Foundation, the charitable arm of Eli Lilly and Co., announced that it is giving $1.1 million to relief organizations working in China and Myanmar (Burma), according to The Indianapolis Business Journal.

To help with relief efforts after a massive earthquake in China, the foundation is giving $800,000 in antibiotics, and possibly insulin and mental health medications later. The foundation also will give $175,000 in cash to Project HOPE and Mercy Corps., and will match up to $25,000 in employee contributions to the American Red Cross China Relief Fund.

In Myanmar, where a cyclone and flooding killed thousands, Lilly Foundation will give $100,000 in cash to Save the Children and World Vision.

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John Clark said...

Good for Lilly. The Wash Post has a disturbing story about how slow private sources are responding to the Burma and China disasters, compared to the private responses to the tsunami and Katrina.

I saw on Madame Walker's website a benefit performance by Indianapolis Chinese Performing Arts for earthquake relief.

"Indianapolis Chinese Performing Arts will host a special variety show on Sunday, June 8 to raise money for earthquake victims in Sinchuan. The program starts at 2 p.m. and will feature Chinese choral music, dances and instrumentals performed by Indy Chinese professional and amateur artists. Admission is $10 and tickets will be available at the door. To purchase tickets in advance, please contact Du Hong via email at Several thousand people were killed by the earthquake that hammered southwest China. The Sichuan quake was the worst to hit China since the 1976 Tangshan tremor in northeastern China where up to 300,000 died."

If I get more info about the event (it isn't on their website,, I'll let you know.