Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kenyans Are Top Winners in Mini Marathon

Kenyans Lamech Mokono and Valentine Orare were neck-in-neck at the men's finish of the 13.1-mile 500 Festival Mini-Marathonrace – so neck-in-neck that race officials had to review the videotape and still photographs before determining a clear-cut winner, according to race organizers. It was decided that both men were declared winners and would each get a full first-place prize purse of $3,500. The pair ran the course in 1:02.53., while Kenyan native Reuben Chebii took third.

The top women's finisher was also a Kenyan, Janet Cherobon, whose time of 1:14:11 made her champion for the second year in a row, reports The Indianapolis Star.

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