Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Trip Around the World of Food

Great piece by Jolene Ketzenberger in today's Indianapolis Star on the Saraga Market in Indianapolis.

"Unusual ingredients, unfamiliar spices and labels in a different language -- it's no wonder international markets can be a bit intimidating," she writes. But, "a trip to Saraga International Grocery on the Northwestside is a culinary excursion, a way to explore the world and present it on a plate. With aisles devoted to Asian, Latin and Middle Eastern fare, a seafood department with items such as live blue crabs, and a halal meat department featuring fresh goat and lamb, Saraga offers much more than a typical supermarket."

You can read the whole article here (at least until The Star removes it in a week). Or, get yourself over to Saraga,3605 Commercial Drive (just off Lafayette Road in the 3600 block), Indianapolis, (317:388-9999) and see for yourself!


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