Thursday, June 17, 2010

King Systems Gains China’s Regulatory Approval

King Systems received approval by the State Food and Drug Administration, P.R. China (SFDA) to sell its anesthesia, respiratory care, and airway management products in the Chinese marketplace, according to a news release from the Noblesville company.

During the product registration process, King Systems established a relationship with the Chinese based medical device company Beijing Gloryway Technology Co. Ltd.; and, once granted the formal Certificate of Registration entered an exclusive partnership with the company to distribute and sell King Systems’ products in China.

Through Gloryway, all of King Systems’ circuits, masks, and breathing bags and many of its airway devices are now available to over 1,700 targeted hospitals with a combined total of 8 million general anesthetic procedures a year.

King Systems, founded in 1977, is an international leader of quality anesthesia, airway management, and critical care products that manufactures and markets over 2,000 product configurations.


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