Monday, June 14, 2010

Rieseberg Elected Fellow of the Royal Society

Loren Rieseberg (pictured), an evolutionary biologist at Indiana University in Bloomingtonhas been elected a 2010 fellow of the Royal Society, the United Kingdom's largest and most important academy of sciences, reports the IU News Bureau.

The projects Rieseberg supervises integrate high-throughput genomic methods, bioinformatics, ecological experiments, and evolutionary theory to study the origin and evolution of species, domesticated plants, and weeds. He is primarily interested how new plant species arise -- speciation being one of biology's most fundamental questions. Rieseberg has examined a number of different plant species, but most of his work has focused on members of the genus Helianthus, which includes wild and domesticated sunflowers.

Rieseberg has joint appointments in Indiana University Bloomington's Department of Biology and the University of British Columbia's Department of Botany.

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