Monday, June 16, 2008

Immigration and Higher Education in Indiana

"Immigration and Higher Education in Indiana," an Ideas in Indiana breakfast discussion sponsored by the Sagamore Institute for Policy Research, is set for 8:15 a.m.-noon 26 June in the Indiana History Center, 450 West Ohio Street, Indianapolis.

Featured SIPR researchers are Dr. John Clark, Justin Heet, Courtney Burkey and Alberto Hernandez.

This “Ideas in Indiana” event will explore the issues addressed by Sagamore’s research on “Immigration and Higher Education,” an 18-month project funded by Lumina Foundation for Education. Sagamore researchers will discuss the findings of their three working papers, offering their assessments of the challenges facing immigrants and their children in obtaining a good education and what the State of Indiana and its educational system will need to do in order to ensure an educated, well-trained workforce for the 21st Century.

They will also offer their thoughts on issues requiring additional research to assist decision-makers in making a difference in the future of the state’s workforce and educational system.

To attend, contact Susan Stinn, 317:472-2053. Please include your name, affiliation, address, email and phone number; deadline is 23 June.

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