Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Indy and Taiwan

There's a graphic on today's business pages in The Indianapolis Star titled "A Profitable Exchange" listing the links between our state and the Pacific island nation.

It's correct as far as it goes -- but, inexplicably, it leaves out the most important link: Indianapolis (Indiana's capital) and Taipei (Taiwan's capital) are sister cities! The agreement between Indianapolis and Taipei is a year older than the agreement between Indiana and Taiwan -- 31 years vs. 30.

In any case, be sure to head over to Clowes Hall for tonight's blockbuster performance in honor of Taiwanese Heritage Week. Ro Han Mem, the famed cultural troupe from Taiwan, performs at no charge, thanks to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Butler, the Taiwanese-American Association of Indianapolis, the State of Indiana, the City of Indianapolis, Telamon Corporation and the Taipei Economic and Culture Office in Chicago.

And, yes, the Taiwanese-American Association of Indianapolis is a member of the Nationalities Council of Indiana.


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