Saturday, May 30, 2009

International Students and Scholars

Purdue University's Office of International Students and Scholars is profiled in the spring 2009 issue of "Perspectives".

According to the article by Valerie O'Brien, Purdue has the second-highest number of foreign students among public universities in the United States -- abut 5,500. In addition, Purdue has about 700 faculty and staff from around the world.

The ISS office has an initiative called GO Purdue! -- with the GO standing for Global Outreach. It offers cultural, educational, service and social opportunities to Purdue's international students.

A new program to begin in Fall 2009 called Business Mentors will match students nearing graduation with local business leaders.

Purdue's International Friendship Program pairs students with community volunteers. According to Michael Brzezinski, ISS director and associate dean of international programs, Purdue has arranged the largest number of college friendship relationships in the U.S.


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