Thursday, August 26, 2010

Purdue's Global 4-H

Indiana 4-H Global Programs sent two groups of students to Poland and Japan, while students from Japan visited Indiana.

The program has held a partnership with Meiji Gakuin High School in Tokyo, Japan for nearly 30 years. Ann Williams, an extension educator for DeKalb County, and Tiffany Henson, a 4-H'er from Dearborn County, left for Japan on 15 July for a three-week stay.

Williams and Henson are learning about the Japanese education system and culture. Williams is living with a high school teacher, and Henson is staying in a high school student’s home.

While Williams and Henson tour Japan, 21 students from Japan are visiting Indiana to learn about culture and 4-H programs during their 3-week visit to 19 counties. The Japanese youth arrived on 21 July and are staying in the homes of 4-H families.

Global 4-H Programming also has maintained a six-year partnership with part of southern Poland. This summer, three adult representatives and 13 Indiana 4-H youth visited Poland for three weeks. The group learned about the 4-H system in Poland, lived with Polish families and toured cultural sites and cities.

To date, 58 people from Indiana have visited Poland through this program. Next year students from Poland will visit Indiana.

For more information on Global 4-H programs, email Lee Stanish.


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