Friday, August 13, 2010

Traditional Japanese Foods at Indiana State Fair

The “Bridges to Japan” exhibit gives Indiana State Fair visitors a taste of some traditional daily dishes through a partnership of three Japanese eateries. The exhibition (open during the fair, 6-22 August) is devoted to the in-depth exploration of Japan and its connections with Indiana.

The Japanese food corner “Nihon Shokudo,” is a special area offering a variety of Japanese dishes, including Japanese pork cutlets, Japanese fried noodles, green tea ice cream, and sushi (including a new “deep-fried sushi” specialty).

“The team of Ocean World Restaurant (86th Street and Ditch Road), Sakura Restaurant (71st Street and Keystone Avenue), and One World Market (Castleton) have really gone beyond themselves to create the Japanese food corner, pulling in manpower from as far as Chicago and New York to staff what amounts to a major endeavor in serving Japanese food to thousands of fairgoers. Shoji Sato, Rocky Iwamoto and Shigenori Ito have been working for half a year to prepare a food corner in a building with less than ideal restaurant logistics, and I have to say, the ‘Nihon Shokudo’ food corner is serving some of the best Japanese food in Indy,” said Theresa Kulczak, executive director of the Japan-America Society of Indiana (a member of the Nationalities Council of Indiana).

Stan Suzuki, president of Indiana Packers Corporation in Delphi, which produces the “Indiana Kitchen” brand of pork products, has generously donated all of the pork served in the “Bridges to Japan” Exhibition. The ‘Katsu Curry’ dish features Kikkoman Corporation’s delicious new curry sauce. The Marukome company has donated miso soup to the Japanese food area.

Items on the menu in the “Bridges to Japan” food corner include:

* Kushi Katsu – Lightly “Panko” breaded pork kebabs. Also contains small green peppers with an optional lightly-flavored miso sauce.
* Katsu Curry – A very popular dish in Japan made by placing a lightly “panko” breaded pork cutlet on top of white rice, and covering it with curry sauce. Kikkoman Corporation has provided its newly- developed curry sauce for this delicious dish
* Deep-Fried Sushi – Shrimp tempura sushi rolls with a light curry seasoning. Deep fried and topped with spicy mayonnaise.
* Gyudon – Finely sliced paper-thin beef and onions on top of white rice.
* Yakisoba – A staple dish at festivals in Japan, yakisoba is made by grilling soba noodles, carrots, cabbage, and onions in a savory yakisoba sauce.
* Kakiage – Deep fried shrimp and vegetable tempura on udon noodles.
* Yakitori – Chicken kebabs grilled in a tasty yakitori sauce.
* Gyoza – Japanese style vegetable dumplings
* Miso Soup – A traditional soup consisting of a stock called “dashi” mixed in with softened miso paste.
* Edamame – Boiled soy beans seasoned with salt. A popular finger food in Japan.

For daily schedule of activities at the "Bridges to Japan", go online.



インディアナポリス - インディアナ・ステート・フェアで目新しく開催されている“日本への架け橋展”にて、訪問者は日本食(材)専門店3店の協力による日本の伝統的な日常の食事を楽しむことができる。“日本への架け橋展”は日本について、また日本とインディアナの関係について、楽しみながら日本文化を体験することを通して、深く知ることができるようになっている。“日本への架け橋展”では日本からのロボット、アニメや漫画の視聴エリア、伝統的な日本の畳の部屋、赤橋や、イングルダウ・グループ、リッチフィールド・ランドスケーピング、佐藤琢也先生によって製作された美しい日本庭園など、伝統的な日本、近代的な日本の両方を楽しむことができる。


インディアナ日米協会専務理事、テレサ・コザック氏は「オーシャン・ワールド・レストラン(在86th StreetとDitch Road交差路)、櫻花レストラン(在71st StreetとKeystone Ave.交差路)、そしてワン・ワールド・マーケット(在キャッスルトン)の3店が総力を上げ、シカゴやニュー・ヨークからスタッフを動員、フェアの訪問者に日本食を提供し、日本食コーナーを盛り上げている。佐藤章二店長、岩本典久店長、伊東重徳店長の3名が建物の隅で理想的とは言えないロジスティクスの中、準備に半年をかけ、インディアナでも有数のおいしい日本食を提供している。」と語った。






* 串カツ
* カツ・カレー
* ディープ・フライド・スシ
* 牛丼
* 掻き揚げうどん
* 焼き鳥
* ギョウザ
* 味噌汁
* 枝豆


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