Monday, August 30, 2010

Ukrainians Learn from Indiana Farmers

A Purdue Extension educator in Fulton County has made it possible for two graduate students from Ukraine to stay with Indiana farmers to work and learn this summer, reports the Purdue News Bureau.

Mark Kepler came up with the work-study idea after he visited the Poltava State Agrarian Academy in Ukraine three years ago.

Kepler last winter found two farmers in Fulton County interested in hiring students from Poltava to work on their farms this summer. The farms are family operations with more than 1,000 acres and exemplify farming life in Indiana.

Two graduate students - Ol'Ha Reva and Sergii Panchenk - arrived in Indiana in May to begin their work.

As part of the program, Reva came to Purdue University for three days in August to learn more about DNA extraction in plants. Working in a laboratory for the first time, she studied plants and genotypes with agronomy professor Herb Ohm. (The photo shows Reva working with Dr. Ohm. It's a Purdue Agricultural Communication photo by Tom Campbell.)

After finishing her studies in the lab, Reva returned to Rochester to continue working on the farm with her host family, Tom and Jill Weaver.

Panchenk is staying with Alan and Nancy Gohn in Rochester, working in the fields and helping around the farm. Both Ukrainians will fly back to Poltava in September.


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